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VigRX Plus Review – What You Should Know

If you are suffering from a vague memory of how horny you had been in your younger days and would like to catch the s

ame ecstatic emotional and psychological state again, you can turn to the VigRX Plus as your ultimate solution.

Here are the biggest advantages that you stand to get from this brilliant performance-enhancing product:

  • Increased libido as the days progress in your usage
  • Experience better control in your erection
  • Intensify your orgasms and make them come more often
  • Engineered to contain only natural ingredients to assure safety among users

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How Does It Work?

VigRX Plus has been subjected to a longitudinal clinical study that involved real men and not rats.

Seventy-five men with problematic sexual lives due to dysfunctional penises were tested in almost three months of using this product.

The results were amazing and gave hope to those who feel powerless over their loss of virility.

The said study not only laid claim on the potency of the product to bring about expected results from using it, but also silenced detractors who have put their complete trust in other performance-enhancing products and businessmen who were thinking that here is the product that’s going to put their businesses into their end.

The test used placebo for comparison. As everyone knows, placebos are the king of sex-performance products.

But in this test, it simply had to bow down to the VigRX Plus, as the latter put it to shame in three major effects – ability to penetrate the partner, sexual and intercourse satisfaction, and overall sex drive and desire.

To give the numbers, VigRX Plus increased penetration ability by almost 60%, intercourse satisfaction by more than 70%, and overall sex drive and desire by 47%.  In contrast, Placebo could only produce an increase of 5% for the first category, 12% in the second and 5% in the last category.

The next challenge for VigRX makers is to put it on a head-to-head collision with other competing products.

Makers of competing products should think twice before calling for a match. Participants who used VigRX Plus also made astonishing improvements in the following categories:

  • Ability to keep the penis erect – 63% increase
  • Frequency of orgasm – 22% increase
  • Quality of orgasm – 22% increase

Confessions from Those Who Gave VigRX Plus a Try

Some users took it upon themselves to thank VigRX Plus by sharing their experience to others who want to experience their own miracle:

  • Prolonged orgasm – The climactic feeling does not simply appear and is gone after a second.  Aside from a deeper feeling of satisfaction, the orgasm lasts longer.
  • Sex sounds are wilder – Some users report that more “oohs” and “ahhs” are exchanged by partners.  If you are the noisy type, you might just have to keep your voice under control if you don’t want others to get a hint about what you are doing.
  • Without fear of side-effects – It isn’t easy to trust a product and think that you are completely safe if you see “chemical-sounding” names.  If something sounds “chemical”, it is enough to bring the chills.  All VigRX Plus ingredients are sourced from plants.
  • A safe exchange for the money – Most VigRX Plus users see the money-back feature as a big plus in their purchase of this product.  Give your body time to adjust to the VigRX Plus formulation.  On the average, that would be two weeks.  After your body has grown accustomed to the ingredients, it will naturally respond to it.

What's In The Pill?

All ingredients are natural, so expect minimal side effects.  After two weeks, the unfamiliar sensations will go away.

  • Damiana – increases the power of the penis to stay erect
  • Epimedium – increases blood flow to the penis
  • Bioperine – improves absorption of nutrients
  • Hawthorn Berry – improves ability to control erection
  • Saw Plametto Berry – a libido enhancer
  • Muira Puama – has been proven to treat men with insufficient sexual interest
  • Red Ginseng from Asia – improved erection
  • Catuaba Bark – also a libido enhancer
  • Ginkgo Biloba – is used for treating impotence among men

Where to Buy VigRX Plus

If you prefer to purchase your VigRX Plus online, we advise purchasing through VigRX Plus’ official website –

Regarding VigRX Plus on eBay, GNC, Amazon, Wal Mart and other similar websites:
We can only guarantee the authenticity of VigRX Plus products purchased through VigRX Plus’ official website. The purchase of VigRX Plus from any sites apart from the official site is considered “at your own risk”.


There’s no doubt that the sex-performance-enhancer industry has something to be proud of in VigRX Plus.

All that others have to do is to follow the path that the makers of this product took in creating it.

Ten years of research prior to the creation of the product and the use of human participants in a clinical test are big steps that the company had taken.

This product is therefore a reliable masterpiece in the industry to say the least.

This is the sex product to beat and for all of you out there, it takes one big step to start creating your own miracle.  Be the next recipient of the benefits and wonders that VigRX Plus can bring.

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VigRX Plus Rating
  • Effectiveness - 10/10
  • Speed of Results - 9.5/10
  • Safety - 10/10
  • Quality - 10/10
  • Price - 9.5/10